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Boxster Outlaws is a Community Group of Porsche Boxster owners on Facebook. Here is the origin of our story.....

The Porsche Outlaw movement, first coined by Rod Emory’s 356 Outlaws in the ‘80’s, and supercharged again by the release of Magnus Walker’s Urban Outlaw short film in 2012, is clearly a unique and exciting trend in Porsche collecting and ownership. Don’t try to define Outlaw, though, as that would defeat the purpose of the Outlaw movement. Personalizing and customizing a Porsche outside of the limits of the traditional enthusiast/collector norms is what having an Outlaw Porsche is all about. Sometimes with a focus towards racing and track-readiness, often just to enjoy on the street, doing what you want to your Porsche without concern for the opinions of others is what the freedom of the Outlaw movement provides.

And where do Boxsters fit in to this trend? Owners of all years of the Porsche Boxster do not yet seem to be represented in the Porsche Outlaw community. Perhaps because historically Boxster owners have not been traditional Porsche owners, and do not participate as thoroughly in other areas of Porsche culture. Introduced in the U.S. in 1997, the car that virtually saved Porsche from bankruptcy and sold like hotcakes, the Boxster has not always garnered the respect it deserves. With an amazing 50/50 weight distribution providing fantastic handling, and styling that clearly derives its cues from the original Porsche 550 Spyder, the Boxster is the unsung hero of the Porsche world. It is also one of the most affordable ways to join the Porsche enthusiast community in a car with solid Porsche DNA.

It is my assertion that all Boxster owners are Outlaws in their own way.  Many of you discovered the Boxster not as a Porsche, but as a unique little mid-engine roadster that blew away your expectations. And since the Boxster has been mostly shunned by traditional Porsche purists, it is the perfect car to modify, customize, and personalize in the true Outlaw spirit. So my goal is to start a Boxster Outlaw movement that will bring Boxster owners together in this space to show off their cars, discuss customizing and modifying ideas, and recommend products or services that have worked for them (no direct selling though please.) I will post as many Outlaw items of interest that I can find. I will also try to provide some simple products (T-shirts, decals, etc) that will allow us to identify ourselves at car shows and Porsche events. (No, there will not be a club, what “Outlaw” wants be a member of a club?)

And yes, we love all Porsches, as many of us will one day own other modern and vintage models.

The Boxster has a place in the Porsche Outlaw community. I myself was inspired by the videos of Outlaw 356s and 911s to purchase a Boxster when I thought I couldn’t afford to join the Porsche enthusiast world. In my opinion, all Boxster owners are Outlaws, so join our group on Facebook, start messing with your Boxster, and we’ll grow the Outlaw Boxster movement together internationally!

Steve Sims

Chief Boxster Outlaw

Boxster Outlaws

Est. November 2017